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Auction Locators is the ultimate way to purchase a vehicle. Our customers regularly save $3,000 or more off of the prices they would pay at dealerships. For high end vehicles, the savings can be significantly greater, sometimes $10,000 or more.


For over 20 years, Gary Luedecke, owner of Bavarian Motorsport, has been going to the auctions for his many customers, to locate the exact late model, low mileage vehicles they wish to purchase. They just tell him the year, make, model, color, mileage, etc. and he goes to work.  Gary is located in Florida, but he will ship the vehicles nationwide. Read This Article About Gary Luedecke.


At Auction Locators, we never mark up the vehicle over what Gary pays at auction. If he gets a steal, you get a steal. And you never pay more than the same wholesale price that dealerships pay.

We charge one low, flat fee to locate and purchase your vehicle at auction. From Volkswagen Beetles to Porsche 911s, our fee is the same. And you get the savings!. CLICK HERE to find out more about us. Or, CLICK HERE to get started.

Using Auction Locators is easy!



Simply fill out our Easy, online Vehicle Request Form with the Year, Make, and Model of the exact vehicle that you wish to purchase

Gary Luedecke of Bavarian MotorSport goes to the auction to personally purchase the exact, low mileage vehicle that you are looking for.

Your new vehicle can be picked up or delivered anywhere in the country. You pay Gary just one flat fee of $500 for using Auction Locator's services.